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 The image is a wide banner featuring a blue digital background design on the left and a photograph of smiling Filipino children on the right, one holding the flag of the Philippines.

The Philippine government prioritizes children's welfare, with the Council for the Welfare of Children (CWC) and the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) leading the charge. These agencies play a crucial role in developing policies and programs that address the needs of children across various sectors.

A thorough situation analysis, anchored in the Philippine Development Plan and the National Plan of Action for Children (NPAC), is vital for crafting impactful initiatives. This ensures a holistic approach to children's well-being, focusing on health, education, protection, and participation.

In collaboration with UNICEF, the Philippines enhances its efforts to protect and promote the rights of children. This partnership leverages global expertise and resources, marking a shared commitment to creating a better future for children nationwide.

This Portal primarily aims to:

by providing the latest and current data and other evidence on children, and their caregivers, and their community

through evidence-based analysis of children's well-being and the existing and persisting rights deprivations, inequities, and risks to inspire and motivate action for the realization of children's rights   

by mapping and analyzing existing laws and policies that uphold, enable, and protect children's rights, the bottlenecks and gaps that hinder implementation of plans and programs and delivery of services for children, and the persisting equity issues and risks that perpetuate vulnerabilities in realizing children's rights