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Situation Analysis

2023 Situation of Children Report: Learning Skills, Participation and Engagement

This image is a cover thumbnail for Learning Skills, Participation, and Engagement  Child Rights Analysis Report for 2023
Publisher: UNICEF, NEDA, CWC

This report provides an analysis of children's learning outcomes and their active participation in community and educational settings. Emphasizing the 2019 SEA-PLM assessment framework, the report evaluates children's proficiencies in reading, writing, and mathematics, offering insights into the challenges and achievements within the Philippine education system.

This report also highlights the importance of children's rights to expression and participation, noting the varying degrees of engagement across different socio-economic and geographical contexts. It underscores the role of student governance bodies like the Supreme Pupil Government (SPG) and the Supreme Student Government (SSG) in empowering student voices and contributions to educational governance.